Meal time

Maine birds eating
Meal time

Eastern Phoebes have made their nest under our back deck.  I snuck a peek in their nest (using my camera on a tilt) and from what I could see (I didn’t want to get too close) there are no eggs.  Regardless, they remain committed to this nest, so I will continue to watch with interest.


This Great Blue Heron was perched on what I think is a beaver lodge (or the start of one) located on our shoreline.  I didn’t see him (her?) until I paddled about 50 feet out from shore.  Until this spring I had never seen these birds and now I know that at least three make our inlet a routine stop for meals.  I don’t know yet where they might be nesting.  Perhaps on one of the many nearby lakes.  If you have a special interest in these birds check out the Heron Observation Network of Maine.


And though this may be merely a common loon, I will never tire of watching it paddle my lake.  Did you know that Mainers have been counting loons for over three decades?  This year’s annual loon count will be July 16th.  If you are interested in participating check out The Maine Loon Project  with Maine Audubon.