Egg laying


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This snapping turtled climbed out of Annabessacook Lake, traveled 250+ feet up slopped, wooded terrain, clambered over a farmer’s rock wall, then hiked another 75+ feet to our septic field, where she has spent the past four hours in the rain laying her eggs.  I don’t have the heart to tell her that skunks, crows, raccoons and probably a few other creatures I haven’t even thought of will likely have gobbled up her hard work by noon tomorrow.  We’ve seen this happen for several summers now.  A few seasons ago some eggs managed to hatch, but the babies didn’t make it back to the lake, I’m afraid.

Ever seen a turtle crossing the road and wondered if it will make it to the other side?  You aren’t the only one.  For information on several breeds of rare turtles in Maine, as well as turtles and road crossing issues, check out Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s Factsheet.