Eagle Eyes

Adult bald eagle

I was only three-quarters awake this morning when I stepped outside with my dog. I don’t know what caused me to raise my eyes to the top of the tallest Eastern White Pine on the edge of our property, but when I did I saw an adult bald eagle peering down on us. This eagle had a fine view of fields and lake and probably was not interested in my dog, but I wasn’t placing any bets on that probability.

When I am down on our dock, or paddling our inlet with my camera, the loons often alert me to the presence of the eagles by calling out in a double-wail, the cry they use specifically to alert each other to the presence of bald eagles.

The winter of 2015-2016 was really the winter that wasn’t – at least in Central and Southern Maine, where I spend the great majority of my time.  Lakes froze over incredibly late, little snow fell, and though we had our share of bitter cold, spring came early.

Early spring meant that birds returned sooner than normal, or so it seems.  We have only had the privilege of calling this marshy cove our home for several seasons, and each day, month and year reveals new wonders.  We watch for patterns in the coming and going the animals whose woods and water we’ve invaded to live our own lives.  But it did seem that the red-winged blackbirds were back early, and so I was sure to keep them well fed.  (About the bluejays I was not so concerned, as they were certain to help themselves regardless.)  It is the slight chickadees that most amaze me, flitting about and taking care of themselves regardless of winter wind, or bullying bluejays.  Life is a wonder.


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