Osprey nestlings

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It is late, and I should be sleeping, but really some things must be done to keep one’s soul from getting too ragged.  So I’m sitting at my desk with the lights off to keep the bugs out, since they manage to work through the screens so that they can dance on my computer screen.  I have opened the window that is closest to the lake side of the house quite intentionally – I want to hear what is happening.  Loons are calling to each other intermittently, and once again I promise myself that as soon as I find those extra fifteen minutes in a day I will commit to memory the meaning of each call.

I wonder about the loon I watched this morning.  Is she back on her nest?  It was while I was watching that loon this morning that I captured the pictures of the osprey feeding its young.  Take a close look – you’ll see nestlings with their tongues reaching for more, more more food from the adult who brought home the morning meal.  I’ve provided the photos in the order they were taken.  The juvenile appear to be listening for the adult to return:  note the cocking of the head to the side, and then the open beak, which was in fact the juvenile calling out for the parent (or so I surmise).

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