The sounds in my forest


Shortly after posting Mother Nature Abounds two nights ago, I heard my mystery bird calling from our wooded waterfront.  (Unlike waterfront properties built before state and local government adopted shoreland zoning laws, our property has not been clear-cut down to bare earth, which means we have a mini-forest separating us from the lake.  While I may not have an unfettered lake view from my windows, I have something much more beautiful and ecologically sound – habitat that supports an abundance of wildlife.)

When I heard the gentle screeching from the woods, I ran outside toward the sound (a familiar tactic of mine, taken to the extreme in I Swear I’m Not Making This Up).  I caught sight of an owl flying among the trees along the lake’s edge, and saw and heard enough to connect bird and sound together.   Take a listen to the sound of a juvenile great horned owl here:


Looking forward to posting loon pictures tomorrow – we saw a raft of loons tonight and several pairs of parents and chicks.  Tomorrow is Maine Audubon’s 2016 Annual Loon Count.  If you don’t know much about the annual loon count I’ll be eager to tell you about it tomorrow.  Sleep tight.  I’m going to lay down and listen to my dog snore and my owl scream for a snack.

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