At last light

Around 7:45 tonight we were just home from walking the dogs when a pair of herons flew over, headed for Maranacook Lake or the Upper or Lower Narrows Ponds, I’m guessing.

Since the sunset was painting the woods with irresistible light I decided to take a few minutes with my camera in the woods.  My husband had already gone in with the girls (dogs) so I called to him through the open windows.

“I’m just going for a bit” was met with “Don’t be forever or we’ll lock you out!”  This translates to “Be safe, please, and use your head” in Husband-Speak.  Truly.  I’ve known this guy half a lifetime now.  He’s a keeper, but not a Hallmark Card writer.

On my way across the lawn I remembered to check on the phoebe fledglings.  The photo below is from Saturday, the first time I’d seen them up out of the nest.  Tonight, they are gone.


The parents that have worked so hard, and so visibly (see Lunch, phoebe style), to feed this brood of three have left just a quickly. I hope that all members of this phoebe family are nearby, and well.  I will be watching the backyard for them.

With the sun quickly sinking, and nothing but an empty nest to frown at, I kept moving toward woods and lake. To get to our waterfront we climb down a fairly steep (45 degrees?) incline of boulders and railroad ties (which were rotting in the field when we moved in).  This is a difficult access route for many people we love dearly, but we do what we can with the resources we have, and talk in terms of “one day.”

DSCN5589So over the boulders and through the woods I went, scanning for the deer whose white tail went slipping through the trees on Sunday, and still peering into tree tops for the lumps of owl that can be so difficult to see.I found a robin and weeds bathed in the last of today’s sun, but little else.  (Surely there was plenty more to discover but tonight I could not take the time.)

I did not take any photos of tonight’s full moon but I took a few last night.  Here they are:


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