The Little Things

Not a lot of time for shooting lately.  Managed to catch a few photos of this bird yesterday morning.  (The clever folks on MAINE Birds think it is either a molting or a juvenile bluebird.  I vote juvenile.)  I noticed him (her?) flitting in the tree line after an Eastern Bluebird on the hammock caught my eye.

Caught through the kitchen window screen.

Went down to the lake last night after walking the dogs and snagged photos of these three birds.  Not my best work, but I was smiling.


Owls are up to their usual tricks at night.

The lake is lower than we’ve ever seen it, though we’ve only been watching for three summers now.  If it gets much lower the boat will be sitting in muck and we’ll pretend the tide has gone out.

Speaking of pretending, can we all agree not to notice that the days are getting shorter?

Went for a Sunday visit to the family camp on China Lake.  Neighbors a few doors down on each side of my grandmother’s camp remarked that “the bats are back.”  Did you know that Maine’s bats have been dying because of a disease called white-nose syndrome?   In fact, millions of bats in eastern North America have been dying from this disease.  Check out to learn more about the disease and what steps you can take to help bats in your area.

I’m sitting on the back deck typing this.  Ten more minutes and the sun will be below the tree line.  A small dog sits on my lap, pawing at my arm when I pause for too many seconds to type rather than stroke her chest.   Birds seems to be settling in for the night, and the loons are calling periodically.  A slight breeze is waggling the leaves.  The setting sun is turning my green forest golden.

A plane just flew over. I hear a speed boat cutting across the lake.

The osprey juveniles are calling for food.  Again.  I wonder when their parents evict them?





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