Three hour tour


Last week I started a new job, and the week before husband and I had a fantastic vacation (staycation) week.  We took a few day trips and I am very eager to tell you about our tours of the Kennebec River – one out of Boothbay Harbor (where we saw the boat pictured above) and one out of Gardiner with friends.  The trouble is the long weekend has gotten away from me, and with the work week ahead I’m rather certain I’m not going to find time to post much.  It will happen though – give it time.  My new job will keep me from posting as much as I’d like but I’m not giving up on this hobby of mine.

In the meantime, the owls are still outside hollering and the osprey juveniles are apparently never going to leave the nest.  We can no longer deny the earlier sunset or the cooler nights, and leaves are slowly turning.

This deer (yearling?) was hanging out in the same corner of our yard where I photographed the owl on the ground earlier this summer.


The trees, and me!
Found this lovely butterfly on our Kennebec River tour

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