Bottoms Up


Easily 200 geese feeding in our cove tonight.  Sat in the padded divot at the bottom of a pine and rested my tired self against a trunk twice my size, then watched them paddle and listened to them chatter.  Was glad to be allowed to observe.


Although there seems to have been plenty of resources (weeds, bugs, water) to share without getting tense, the full-moon madness that has come over me seems to have a few of the geese on edge as well.

dscn8869The pinks and yellows were especially pretty tonight.


I watched the geese for maybe 45 minutes, amused by their white bums in their air and their black legs and feet splashing and kicking to get them upside down and right side up again.

dscn8933-copyI always turn my back on the lake with reluctance, knowing the distance from shore to door is minimal, but the space between the calm I feel at the water’s edge and stress of the daily grind is a chasm too wide to bridge.

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