On the lake today


Hooded mergansers on the far side of our cove for the past few weeks.


Muskrat feeding this afternoon.  There was a second one but it was too shy to smile for the camera.  The muskrats were in the area pictured below – which was underwater all summer.

dscn9324Followed deer trails along the edge of the lake to work my way into the inlet without sinking up to my knees in muck.


Turned around after realizing that this immense stump would require me to use my broomstick to avoid a potentially dangerous slip into knee-deep muck.  Sadly, I’d left said broomstick at home, so I turned around.  (Note to my mother: gymnastics and dance class were worth it, because I can balance on rotten logs  quite well.)  I made it half-way around this stump before I gave up.  At some point in the process I did try to do a mental review of my “Get out of quicksand” skills and realized I didn’t have any.  What a let down.



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