The Least Among Us (Or, of Damselflies and Svalbard)

Dragonfly 1dragonfly 2dragonfly 4dragonfly 6dragonfly 7

Blue-tailed damselfly (male, I believe) on lupine plant outside my house several nights ago.

Interesting fact:  There is a global seed vault (the Svalbard Global Seed Vault) buried in a mountain on an island in the Arctic Circle.  The seeds in the vault are meant to give us food for that fun post-apocalypse era when we are rebuilding life on earth.  Indeed, this vault is known as the “Doomsday Vault.”  This is feel good stuff, right?  The location of the vault was supposed to have been perfect – able to withstand nuclear war and natural disasters.  This winter, however, climate change caused the permafrost to melt to such an extent that the doorway to the vault flooded.

What does this have to do with damselflies in my backyard?  Nothing and everything, I suppose.  Only that climate change is real and horrifying and the Trump Administration is rolling back environmental regulations that will protect this planet for future generations.

Mad about all the ticks in your yard, on your pets, on your children? Global warming.

Can’t breath on bad ozone days?  Maine is the “tailpipe” of the nation.  In other words, air pollution flows in our direction due to the gulf stream and other air patterns.  As a result, Maine has some of the highest rates of asthma in the United States.

Do you eat Atlantic Salmon once a week?  Splurge on Maine scallops when they are in stock?  Someday you may not be able to buy them in Hannaford or Shaws or wherever you buy your groceries.  These fish and shellfish are among the most vulnerable to climate change and may be wiped out.

Each day Washington rolls out a new plan that will help the wealthy and to hell with everyone else.  Indeed, we seem to be marching straight into the fire.

Stay clear-eyed and brave.  Look around you – literally.  Spin in a circle.  Gaze ten feet ahead of, then as far as you can see.  What difference can you make in your yard? In your neighborhood?  In your town or city?  If we cannot reach out to hold up the least among us then maybe a seed vault future is what we deserve.

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