Annabessacook in July

Osprey nest on eastern shore of lake.  This season is the first time I’ve seen ospreys nesting in this tree.  There are juveniles in the nest.
DSCN0253 (2)
Adult feeding juveniles, although I’m not clear on what I’m seeing in front of the adult’s chest.  Note the abundant crop of pine cones. 
Mid-afternoon yesterday we smelled skunk in the woods.  Shortly thereafter two playful fawns emerged from the same area.  Our youngest dog was fixated on the same section of woods before the skunk sprayed.  The horse (deer?) flies were driving these fawns insane. 


Note flies on “shoulder blade.”


My husband and I were twenty feet from these deer, as they were just off the edge of the driveway.  My dog watched through the window and finally started whining, which caused the fawns to run back to the woods.


Tadpole that neighbor’s child found at lake edge.
A victim of wind and inattention.
This white duck/goose (what is it?) stands out along the shoreline.  It has been in the same location for a few weeks.  Note the female and chick in the background.  There are two ducklings but you can only see one in this photo.  Duckling is at base of mother’s chest.


Osprey catching lunch.



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