As of late…

Beautiful dragonfly in my flowers last weekend. Not sure what kind. Watched it for a few minutes through my zoom lens. I am always intrigued by what I see when I’m spying this way. He reminded me of an alien, or a robot, or a robot alien. I haven’t taken the time to identify it yet but I hope to circle back and do so.

Still having fun taking photos of the several bluebirds frequenting our backyard this year.

This bluetail butterfly was enjoying our weedy lawn one day last week.
Went out at about 6:00 this morning to check the lake for invasive milfoil (sadly it has returned) and was delighted to watch this muskrat gobbling up some weeds. This guy was so focused on eating that he was about three feet away from my kayak before he noticed me and swam in another direction.
What better way to start the day than sunshine and fresh greens?
This is the osprey pair that lives across from our place. I didn’t have my camera ready (I was supposed to be searching for milfoil, after all) so I missed a shot of one of the birds gliding back to the nest with a stick. Now I am curious how far into the season (perhaps all season, as needed?) they work on their nests. The answer to this will have to wait for my day job to quiet down a bit.
Had I not paddled closer to the osprey nest for these shots (still taken with a zoom at a distance) I would have missed seeing Marty Muskrat enjoying fine dining.

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