Annabessacook Lake


Summer seems to have arrived Saturday, judging by temperature readings in the high 80s to the lows 90 in Central Maine.  Across the state, Mainers who were fortunate enough to have some or all of the weekend off from work jumped to put in their gardens (we enjoyed a quick stop at Longfellows Greenhouse in Manchester), or packed up their gear and headed out on camping trips.  (Did you know that in addition to dozens of great private campgrounds, Maine’s state parks and public lands offer memorable camping opportunities?  Check out Camping in Maine’s State Parks FMI.)

Sunday’s weather was cool and cloudy, and by the evening the temperature had dropped to the mid-50s.  I wondered about the campers at nearby AugustaWest Campground and Beaver Brook Campground and hoped that they had brought warm clothing or extra blankets.

Today’s forecast included enough steady rain that many Memorial Day parades were canceled, though by early afternoon the sun burned away the clouds by about half, certainly enough to get outside to enjoy the last stretch of a long weekend.

Summer in Maine goes so quickly.  Already the black flies are gone and the mosquitos have come in droves.  Trees have leafed out.  Several days ago the dragonflies started zigging around our yard, gobbling up bugs.  And today we finally got out act together enough to repair a damaged hummingbird feeder (we are nothing if not frugal) and fill it with sugar and water (the pre-made mix is not necessary, and in fact the red dye in it is said to be dangerous).   How lucky and lovely to trade such a simple potion for such fine views.


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