Hoop dreams

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The rain we needed finally came today, at least partially.  I’m guessing we could have used a longer, steadier rainfall to really soak the earth, but it’s the best we’ve had in awhile.  (I’m not usually anxious for rain, but my goodness the earth has been looking thirsty.)

The rain had faded to insignificance by the time I was headed out the door for my second milfoil identification class.  (Oh yes, good stuff, this.  Let me know if you want a laminated card and a quick tutorial.  Milfoil is coming soon to a lake near you, most likely.)

Just before getting into my car I noticed this rose-breasted grosbeak on our basketball hoop.  I watched while the bird landed, paused, turned, turned again, jumped to the other side of the rim, circled out behind the backboard and repeated the entire performance.  I watched the bird do this about four times before it flew out of sight.  Just as well – I had milfoil class to attend.

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