Turtle in the fast lane

The distance from our boundary along Annabessacook Lake to the base of our septic field is easily 275 feet.  The slope to the water is significant – perhaps running at a 45 degree angle – and it is strewn with trees, brush, loose dirt and decaying leaves that are incredibly slippery both wet and dry.  Finally, there is a an old rock wall that runs the length of the property, dividing our 5.6 acre lot into an upper lot where our house sits in a mowed field, and the lower half, this wooded slope that we take to get down to the lake.

I mention these details because I find it remarkable how many turtles are trekking up the slope this month (and last June, and the June before) to lay their eggs.  Last night I got home from work to find this little lady busy at work.  By the time I had taken the dogs out and back in again, she had finished laying her eggs and was making her way toward the rock wall.  I grabbed my camera, excited to have the opportunity to find out where exactly the turtles are climbing over the rock wall.  I found that at least some of them are making their way over the wall in a low-lying section about two feet wide, a spot where a rock has either fallen aside or was never placed to begin with.  The prospect of poison ivy prevented me from researching this point further.

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