One fell out of the eagle’s nest


A pair of bald eagles nesting on the western shore of China Lake had a terribly sad week.  Friends of ours who live near this eagle nest found an eaglet in the middle of their camp road earlier this week.  The game warden was called and the eaglet was taken to Avian Haven, a wild bird rehabilitation center in Freedom.  We visited our friends yesterday and I was able to photograph the nest as well as the female perched in a tree.  The male was circling with the airplanes so my shot of him is not as clear:

DSCN4743It has been very windy for the past week and the game warden suspects that the eaglet was blown from the nest, perhaps while flapping his wings and lifting up out of the nest (pre-flight practice).

Do you know what to do if you find lost or injured wildlife?  Maine’s IFW has a page devoted to “Wildlife Rehabilitation” and on that page you can find a list of wildlife rehabilitators licensed by IF&W to accept wild animals for rehabilitation purposes. Here’s the link:


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