DSCN6159Had our lake association meeting on Saturday.  In addition to eating some rather fantastic pancakes, I had the opportunity to learn about:

1. The status of the invasive milfoil infestation on our lake (one new plant, one still out for testing because it is suspicious).


2. The several explanations for the lake’s record low water level, including excessive drought and evaporation, a beaver dam blocking an in-flow culvert from Maranacook Lake, minor leaks at the dam where the lake flows out into Jug Stream, and theft of water by enemy combatants (this last reason is meant to check how many of you are actually reading this post).

3.  The fact that the lake’s water clarity is better than it has been since the early 1990s (at least I think this is what the speaker said, but I was in the back of the room and I might have been distracted by pancake syrup dripping down my chin).

4.  Lots of other stuff that I’m not going to tell you because I’d rather show you pictures of a mallard, loon and killdeer, here:


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