Today’s boat ride


DSCN6779Husband and I are sharing our second (final) week of summer vacation this week.  We will spend our time at home, since our two dogs are old enough so as to be entirely inflexible about camping adventures.  That’s okay – we live in a spot (pick one: the United States, Maine, a lake, the woods) where many people would be (and are) grateful to park their cars and campers and pillows for the summer, or a lifetime.

As you can see, our slice of weed-heaven is now so shallow as to require a paddling start through lush vegetation.

DSCN6781The engine fussed a bit, but eventually we zoomed away in high spirits.  (Actually we didn’t zoom until much later in the ride, but if I told you we puttered this story would be off to a snoozer of a start, wouldn’t it?)

I was excited to see two Double-crested cormorants on the  lake – the first time I have seen them here this summer.  They were sharing a scattering of rocks with a few seagulls.



We also noticed two eagles on the north end of the lake searching for a meal.

One landed within a moment of us noticing the pair, and the other circled so high into the sky that I eventually put down the camera and we moved on with our ride.

We boated to the end of the lake where a huge culvert crosses under Route 202 and connects our lake to Maranacook.  I wanted to see the beaver dam that is blocking the inflow.  I’m not sure why, but my Husband-Captain waited until we were as close to the culvert as we could safely come before explaining that the dam is on the other side of the road.  Oh.  But no matter.  I got to watch a great blue heron fishing near some pontederia cordata – pickerelweed.

DSCN6906One of the most exciting aspects of my photo hobby is finding the picture that I didn’t realize I took.  This morning I took a picture of a heron flying over as we motored out of our end of the lake; what I didn’t realize was that the moon was in the photo.


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